The Top Vacation Spots in the Star Wars Galaxy

The Galaxy is vast. Almost too vast. If you’re looking for a place to take some time away from home you might get overwhelmed from all the options. We’re here to help you out. Here are our top picks for vacation spots.



Everyone loves the big city right? There’s’ so much to do, so much to see, so much culture. This is where everything happens. It’s the capitol planet of the galaxy.

Do you love food? Coruscant has the best restaurants in the galaxy. Love the nightlife? There’s a bar or club for everyone. There are thousands of luxury hotels throughout the planet to ensure you have a nice time.

Make sure to visit the Galactic Senate Building to rally see how everything gets done. Try to take former Senator Jar-Jar Binks’ tour. He might get a little grating to you but the kids will love him. You can also visit the former Jedi Temple if you’re into religion. There’s something for everyone in Coruscant. If you’ve never been, you must go.



Do you fancy yourself an outdoorsman? Then this forest moon is a great vacation spot for you. The scenery is beautiful, the camping exquisite, and the wildlife varied. If you’re tired of the congested city you’ll just love the fresh air all around the moon.

Beware of bears. Actually don’t. They’re called Ewoks and they’re only three feet tall. They might even think you’re a god.

There are many hiking trails that show off all the wonderful flora and fauna on Hoth that are great for the whole family to enjoy. For a little more excitement, speeder bike rentals are a popular recreation activity. If you just need a break and want to get closer to nature, come to Endor

Cloud City


The Cloud City is a must visit for high rollers. Located outside of the gas planet Bespin, Cloud City is giant floating structure built as a mining colony. These days, it’s top 50 floors are used as a luxury resort. You can find classy casinos, fine dining, and wild nightclubs throughout.

The Cloud City is also an architectural and economic marvel. Even if you’re not into the rich lifestyle, Cloud City is worth visiting. Take a tour of the lower levels to see how the whole thing exists. It’s still very much a functioning mine.



Are you a thrillseeker? An extreme sports enthusiast? The ice planet of Hoth has the best skiing and snowboarding in the galaxy. Hoth has many peaks and numerous ski trails of varying difficulty. If you’re a novice you can learn from some of the best instructors in the galaxy. If you consider yourself a pro there are plenty of difficult and dangerous trails for you.

The lodge is in an old abandoned rebel alliance base called Echo Base. The base has been redone and features world class amenities including a state of the art medical facility in case of a skiing injury or a Wampa attack.

If you’re interested in some galactic history, there are plenty of alliance and empire artifacts left behind from the Battle of Hoth including a downed AT-AT. Hoth isn’t for everyone. The temperatures are bitterly cold and the Tauntauns smell horrible, but if you’re up to it, Hoth can be the greatest adventure of your life.

Mos Eisley


The city of Mos Eisley is located on the desert planet of Tatooine. Warning: it’s extremely hot (it has two suns). It’s also not somewhere you want to take your family. You go to Mos Eisley to get into some shit. It’s city slogan is “a wretched hive of scum and villainy”.

The place is full of smugglers, dive bars, criminals, and casinos. If that’s your thing then by all means come to Mos Eisley. The premier casino is actually located outside of town in the dune sea area. Jabba’s Palace, once the home of the infamous crime lord Jabba the Hutt, is the best place to spend a couple days losing yourself (and your money).

Gambling is not only legal on Tatooine, it’s encouraged. While there make sure to catch a pod race and put a bunch of money on who you think will win. You’re on vacation. You shouldn’t be worrying about money, just about having a good time.

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