Throwback with the New Vans Toy Story Shoes!

How a pair of Vans shoes can take you back.
Vans Toy Story ShoeGrowing up, I’m sure you (like me) were surrounded and overwhelmed with Disney. It was inescapable growing up and still is. The fairy tales, sing-a-longs, colorful memories, & their movies, all can imprint on you. Say what you will about the titan company, good or bad, but there is always a movie you fall in love with. Mine was and forever will be Toy Story. I was just a kid when it came out, yet I felt I connected to the story. I also NEEDED a Buzz Lightyear (who didn’t?). Now that I’m older & maybe a bit more mature, I can still appreciate the story for what it is, but it hasn’t really been on my mind lately; until Van’s Shoes created a special edition Toy Story series. I’ve seen Van’s do special edition pieces before, but I was much more interested in this. I felt like there was a ton of hype building up to the release of the series with everyone talking about it. “Did you hear about the new Toy Story Van’s?!” “Yea I’m getting all of them!”

I remember the night before the shoe release, everyone was crowded around me and my iMac scrolling through the products. At first, I thought just a regular pair of classic vans with some graphics of the characters plastered all over them. Then I saw that they had “Andy” written on the sole like in the movie. Sold. The brown leather SK8-Hi’s had me. I thought they were not too over-the-top and just being brown leather high tops, they could be pretty stylish with most outfits. I try not to be one to jump on the bandwagon, but I must say I love the shoes, & even more so, how they take me back.

The shoes are very comfortable. Most Vans SK8-His are made from a cheap canvas… you get what you pay for. The thick leather sneakers have a great feel to them & I do love wearing pieces not many can copy. After purchasing my pair, I had a conversation with the store manager. She explained how I had bought the last pair they had & that each store had a small supply of the collection. Either way, I love the product. If you’re anything like me & can appreciate some nostalgia in a skate shoe, go check out your local Vans.

Vans Toy Story Shoe

Vans Toy Story Shoe

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