Travers Beynon – An Aussie Hefner

You have probably never heard of this guy, yet. He is a wealthy Australian who owns tobacco companies. You might ask, “so what, why do we care?”. Well he is trying to become the down under version of Dan Bilzerian. He was under the radar until a few months ago when we posted to his Instagram account him walking his wife and her best friend, also their third in the bedroom, like dogs in his front yard.travers beynon candyman

If you think he looks like a limo driver in the picture you had the same thought I did. He dubbed himself “the candyman”. He hosts extravagant parties at his house named, you guessed it, the Candy Mansion. So far, it sounds like the roofie version of Willy Wonka. There is nothing wrong with loud people, that is what the American Dream has turned into for most people. However the way he is loud is obnoxious and embarrassing.

He married Taesha, three months after she turned 18. Her parents weren’t invited to the wedding. Her best friend is the second leading lady, who even shares their bed. We linked his IG to his pictures, check out his lifestyle and his wrestler wardrobe. He looks a lot more like Randy Savage than Hugh Hefner.

He seems to be on the wrong end of the media attention in Australia, wonder why… Below the pictures is A Current Affair, they broke down his life, as best they could.

Share your thoughts below! Would you want to be the next “Candyman?”


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