Trevor Bauer Bleeds For His Team in the Worst Way

Trevor Bauer is a good young pitcher. He’s really fun to watch too. Talented, inconsistent, erratic, unconventional; he’s kind of like this generation’s Tim Lincecum. Just look at this pitch.

He’s had his ups and his downs in his short career but just a few days ago he found himself slated to start game 1 of the ALCS. Maybe he’s not an All-Star yet but he’s one of the best pitchers on one of the best teams. Bauer would not make that start though. Why you ask?

Bauer suffered what I guess you would call a drone-related injury to his finger. You see, Bauer is somewhat of a drone aficionado. He not only flies them, he builds them, using some of the knowledge he got as a mechanical engineering major at UCLA. So while he was doing some routine maintenance on his drone, he powered it on. A bit too close to his fingers it turned out as the propellers tore up his pinky.


But Bauer would be fine. He got stitches. He would just miss a couple of games and be back for game 3. And Cleveland didn’t even need him, winning the first two games at home. And now they had Bauer back for game 3. Everything worked out, right?

Bauer did start tonight. He even got a couple outs. But that was it. The stitches split almost immediately. After he bled all over the baseball and himself, the Blue Jays manager complained and Bauer was taken out of the game. Somehow the Indians still won and are now up 3-0. Is Bauer’s bloody finger now a new good luck charm? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s 100% disgusting though.

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