Trump went to dinner and the media flipped out!

Trump went to dinner and didn’t tell the press he was leaving his house and the democratic networks lost their minds. “It’s dangerous and a matter of national security…” that’s what they said. Look, you want to sway people to hate the guy fine, but nobody cares that he went to dinner. Here, quick take on someone who is neutral towards Trump;

“Trump went to dinner without a press guy there! Can you believe it?!”

“Did he go without security?”


“Did he go in a bad neighborhood?”


“Well then next story please, chalk that one up to you lost the battle but the war still goes on.”


See, nobody cares. You could argue the media wants to kill everyone by trying to stress them out. Yeah, take that annoying people! Look, it happened, he was elected and he will take office in a couple months. Calm down and wait for that to happen, he will do something dumb then you can blow your tops again… but you have to wait or you look nuts to a sane person.

QG, Esquire we see you over there… trying to stir up a ruckus with your articles. Look, the lumbersexuals and 20 somethings that read your site (nobody reads magazines anymore) don’t care about your political opinions. They would go to a site that does that full time. So, everyone stop freaking out and trying to freak out people who aren’t… you’re creating a looney bin.

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