TT Pod 52E – Black Panther Cracks The Top Ten Highest Grossing Movies Of All Time

Welcome to the Tony’s Take Podcast Entertainment edition. On our 52nd episode we follow up with the death at a water park in Kansas that we talked about on the previous podcast. Andy is back from NYC and back at it. We talk box office numbers, Black Panther has now hit the $650 million dollar mark in the states… wow. Carter gives a review of Ready Player One… Andy is next to see it. There’s trouble in the Netflix world, particularly Stranger Things. Let’s just say it involves a lawsuit.

Next up, we get into what’s coming out and this week we actually have some high quality stuff. A Quiet Place is currently sitting at a 99% on RT…. wow, does Sean’s theory get shot down in the first five minutes about sound proof rooms? We close with what we’re watching. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment, share and subscribe!

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