Tush Tuesday – Aomi Coelho

Is it bad to say we’ve been waiting for this day? We’ve been waiting for a Tuesday, why you might ask… because it’s Tush Tuesday of course! Today’s tush belongs to none other than Aomi Coelho! I can just bet with a caboose like that she’s even more comfortable when she’s seated. Talk about worth the work to get that kind of booty!

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I got asked the other day about a full body skincare routine and I love this topic. It's so important to take care of more than just the face. I know that using good quality products has kept all of my skin firm and healthy, in fact I think it has gotten better with age! I do a body scrub at least once a week using either sugar, salt, or coffee (or a combo) with about twice as much oil (I use olive). Sugar contains glycolic acid which is good for anti aging, salt contains minerals which help nourish the skin, and coffee contains antioxidants and caffeine to aid circulation. I don't use body lotions but just body oils- usually coconut oil or sometimes a blend with jojoba, almond, or whatever I have on hand. This routine eliminates so many unnecessary ingredients from going into the skin- it is our largest organ after all. I also never use chemical sunscreens as I believe that they cause more harm than good. I opt for a zinc based sunscreen, or will often just wear a light blouse if I feel myself getting too much sun. #midoribikinis @midoribikinis

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