Two Athletes In Trouble With The Law

Aldon Smith was released from the San Francisco 49ers this morning, after he had his 5th run in with the law since he became a member of the team in 2011. He apparently hit a parked car and then opened his car door hitting the parked car again, and then finally took off. He returned to the scene later where officers questioned him, and he seemed under the influence of alcohol, so they did a sobriety test and shortly after arrested him. Smith denies there’s a DUI here and that justice will be served and the truth will come out, so I guess only time will tell what really happened there.

It’s disappointing because Smith could easily be one of the best defensive players in the NFL, but apparently he has much bigger issues going on in his life than trying to get past 300 pound linemen to sack the opposing teams quarterback. It’s sad to see such a great talent be wasted, but it appears that’s what we have here with Aldon Smith.


There’s another professional athlete that has made headlines and that’s Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane. Kane just won his 3rd Stanley Cup this past June and is one of the best players in the entire NHL, but he’s recently been accused of sexual assault. The police have been investigating Kane’s home for a possible rape that happened there. If he’s charged, that will be a giant blow to his NHL career, and to the Chicago Blackhawks. Kane is a big fan favorite, not only to fans of Chicago but fans of the NHL. It doesn’t matter if you’re a drug dealer or a professional athlete, rape is rape. He would definitely lose his endorsements, possibly face jail time, and maybe even be let go from the Blackhawks. You see these athletes on TV all the time whether it be playing their sport, interviews, commercials or movies. You actually get to know how these athletes really are behind closed doors, when all the cameras are off, and no one is around. If Kane is guilty you can guarantee there will be mothers all over the country ripping his poster off their 13 year old son’s bedroom walls.





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