Video Leaked – Donald Trump And His Comments Degrading Women, too far this time?

Yesterday a rather lewd private conversation surfaced from 2005. It’s a conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush that was thought to be off mic. It quickly gets very offensive desecrating women. If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s posted below. This is by far the worst skeleton in the closet if you will as of yet for Mr. Trump. Will this be a nail in the coffin for him or will he be able to bounce back from this?


With just about a month until election day this could blow over, it could also blow his hair and his campaign over. To his benefit this was shot out on a Friday afternoon, generally when it’s going to be a big story it’s a Monday release. However, with a debate on Sunday this could be a big talking point at that town hall style debate.


So, is this the last straw for you on the republican candidate or does this still not compare to the things Hillary Clinton has done in the past?

Did Donald Trump go too far in this video?

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