Viki Odintcova hangs from a 73 story building and people are pissed, wait why?

Stunning model, Viki Odintcova made headlines for her latest shoot in Dubai. She was holding on to a guys arm… and nothing else… 73 stories in the sky…Yeah it’s crazy and they could have just photoshopped it, but then nobody would give a shit. However, it seems like people are giving a shit for the wrong reason.

The web is pissed off because she broke a law and it was very dangerous. All this is laughable. She broke a law in the middle east… Pretty sure┬átheir laws are just kind of suggestions anyways. People are pissed because what she did was dangerous? Okay, those of you tootin your horn about this, have a big glass of shut the hell up. She’s Russian, those fuckers are crazy.

Now you might be saying, “she’s supposed to be a role model…” No, she shouldn’t be, if you’re letting your kid see her as one it’s on you. She’s a model…. I repeat… she’s a model. The bulk of the models in the world are about as smart Kyle Irving. He’s the idiot in the NBA who thinks the world is flat.

So world, stop getting lost in dumb shit that doesn’t concern you. Yeah Viki was very ballsy with this shoot, but you’re not her. So just take a look and tell your kid not to try this when they go to Dubai…


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