‘Warcraft’ is the Most Successful Video Game Movie Ever (But it Still Sucks)

In its second weekend, the movie adaptation of the popular video game series Warcraft took in a little over $7 million. So far, it’s domestic gross is a very underwhelming $38 million. Not surprising given its 29% score on rottentomatoes. With a budget of $ 160 million, Warcraft looks like a huge flop. But it’s not. In fact it’s the most successful video game movie of all time.

While it’s domestic haul has been a disappointment, Warcraft is killing it overseas. It’s already made over $340 million outside of the U.S. With a combined total of $378 million, it has topped Jake Gyllenhall’s Prince of Persia:
The Sands of Time as the highest grossing video game movie ever. But with such poor reviews, how has it succeeded?

China. China is how. Donald Trump wants you to be afraid of China but Hollywood isn’t. Warcraft has made over $200 million in China alone. These results have made it very clear. China loves their World of Warcraft and would support the movie no matter what. The fans of the video game are what would determine the movies success. While World of Warcraft may not be the most popular game in the states, it’s an absolute monster in Asia. So really it’s all about the fans, and Warcraft has a ton of them, globally.

Speaking of the fans, they have seemed to enjoy the movie. The critics aren’t into it but Warcraft does have an 81% score form the fans on rottentomatoes. Does this mean it’s actually good and the critics just don’t get it. Probably not. The movie likely still sucks (I haven’t seen it) which means we still haven’t had a good video game movie. But maybe that will end with Assassin’s Creed still looming.

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