Warner Bros. Is Already Making Changes to Their Next DC Extended Universe Movie

Last week we wrote about the future of the DC extended universe after the poor critical reaction to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We pondered the question if the big shots at Warner Bros. would try to make changes to their prized film franchise. Now, it’s being reported that the next DC movie on the schedule, Suicide Squad, is currently undergoing extensive and expensive reshoots. The studio wants to make the movie more fun and less dark. Is this a response to the joylessness of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

That’s not the reason according to the source who told Birth.Movies.Death of these reshoots. Remember the first official trailer that was released a couple months ago? The one set to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It was a pretty fantastic trailer. It made the whole future of DC movies look very promising. However, the problem is that the trailer wasn’t necessarily an honest representation of the movie they made.

The trailer makes the movie look like a fun adventure featuring a group of misfits thrown together who have to team up to save the world. Sounds a lot like 2014’s surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy, right? But all those jokes and funny moments shown in the trailer. Those were ALL of the jokes and funny moments in the movie. After the positive response to the trailer, the studio wanted to make something closer to what was shown.

You have to admit that the timing is kind of curious though. Reshoots are normal, especially when it comes to big budget movies, but it’s a little strange to schedule them a week after the release of its preceding movie in the franchise. Does this shift in tone really have nothing to do with the numerous issues that plagued Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? I find it hard to believe it had no effect.

I’m thinking that it’s somewhat related. If Warner Bros. admits to these changes being related, they would be admitting that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is something less than perfect, which would be a terrible idea with the movie only being out a week. However, if it’s no coincidence, that’s probably a good sign. It means Warner Bros. is willing to make changes to Justice League Part One which starts shooting soon. It means Warner Bros. is committed to making these movies better, which is what we all want.

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