Watch crazy parties on this guys Snapchat account!

People love to watch crazy stories on Snapchat. A lot of them are just crazy girls, nipples, maybe even a butthole or two. But what if you want to see crazy, without the nudity? We may have found the perfect fit for you then.

Full disclosure, we’ve been following this guy a week so we can’t say┬áhe’s always kosher…. but so far so good! If you’re not looking for that ass all day (let’s say you have a girlfriend who monitors this kind of stuff, then this is the person for you to follow) yeah, we know, we had to explain it a few times around here too.

The guys Snapchat account is “DB1992benlulu” so follow him to see some of the mellow crazy side of Miami. Watch Daniel throw parties and have a good time while keeping it PG-13 (so we’ve seen). Enjoy!

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