Weekend Movies

A list of Movie Premieres for the Weekend!

Its the weekend, and that means a new line up for the theaters has hit the box office. I will be going over what this weekends movie options are, and a few sample scores from the early critic reviews. This weekend, there are two big releases.


The Longest Ride

This is the big one of the weekend. It seems like Nicholas Sparks will never hang up the pen and paper. The movie centers on a relationship between a champion bull rider, and a college graduate on her way to move to New York City for an art job. Obviously these are conflicting paths, but the unsuspecting pair make a close connection with another couple who share a similar romance story. The two stories become intertwined while the question remains. Can this unsuspecting love endure? If you’re like me then you’re thinking, “Damn you Nicholas! Wasn’t the Notebook enough!?” When your girlfriend or boyfriend asks you to go see it, immediately show her the reviews! Ranging from the 30s-60s (Out of 100) from critics, it will be an easy way for you to get them away from this unobtainable love story.



Have you seen the trailer for this movie? I’m going to pass on it because it was creepy as shit! However, if you like a suspenseful thriller, with a man trying to use a robot for love (I can only imagine what else). Then by all means, go see this movie! The movie follows Caleb, a computer programmer, who has won a contest to stay at a private estate of a very successful CEO. What he doesn’t know is that this CEO has chosen him to be his human sample in various tests with Ava, an advanced AI robot. Things begin to get out of hand when Ava starts to develop emotional responses, and Caleb begins to develop feelings. This all leads to chaos in the private estate, while Caleb is caught in the middle of it. Early critic reviews range from 70-80, so it seems like Ex-Machina could be at the least entertaining for your money’s worth.

Other Movies releasing today: Clouds of Sils Maria (Kristen Stewart), Desert Dancer, Free Town, Kill Me Three Times (Simon Pegg), and The Sisterhood of Night.

Fast and Furious has their seventh installment out which received great reviews from almost everywhere. Paul Walker may be gone, but the story lives on. The Furious 7 team put together a moving tribute at the end. Watch it here.

Also in theaters that you may have missed: Cinderella, Home, Get Hard, and Insurgent.

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