What a Shitty Two Weeks for British Rock Legends

Just two weeks ago we shared with you the sad news that Motörhead’s frontman Lemmy had died. This past Saturday a memorial service was held for Lemmy where he was eulogized by Dave Grohl, Slash, and Rob Halford of Judas Priest, among others. The whole thing was live streamed on YouTube and you can find it here.

Now we come to you again with more sad news involving a rock legend from England. David Bowie has died at the age of 69. His final album, “Blackstar” was just released this last week.

While Lemmy was a legend in his own right, he was no David Bowie. No one was. Only Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney have a case as being a more famous musician. And Bowie was always cooler than both of them. A lot weirder, but that’s what made him cool. He was true counter culture icon in a way those others couldn’t be. He transcended his own music, but never forget how brilliant a musician he was.

Bowie’s first successful entry into the world of popular music was the single “Space Oddity” off his second self-titled album released in 1969. At the time, Bowie was just a talented guy looking to write great songs. A music video made a few years later shows the guy Bowie would become and it all started with “Space Oddity”.

A couple years later Bowie released the album Hunky Dory and really found his sound. A sound that would change and evolve over the years but still easily be recognizable as Bowie. The space theme continued with the fantastic “Life on Mars?” from the album.


Not content to just be himself, Bowie created the alter-ego Ziggy Stardust and released the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, considered one of the greatest albums ever made. Highlights included “Starman” and “Suffragette City”.

The next couple years saw the release of Aladdin Sane, the covers album Pin Ups, and Diamond Dogs. A music video for “The Jean Genie” from Aladdin Sane was made and shows a much more toned down version of Bowie from this era.


Bowie didn’t want to just make rock music though. Over the next few years Bowie would write songs like “Fame”, “Golden Years”, and “Heroes” that became huge hits outside the world of rock music.


Bowie had no trouble transitioning into the 80’s and in 1983 released one of his most successful albums, Let’s Dance. Singles from the album included “Modern Love”, “China Girl”, and the titular track” Let’s Dance”.


It’s comforting to say that Bowie’s music will last forever. And I’m sure it’s true we’ll continue to hear his music throughout our lifetime. It’s still sad that someone who has meant so much to so many people died a little younger than we had expected.

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