What are the Nationals Thinking?

The 2015 MLB season came to a close this week with the Royals winning the World Series this last Sunday. That means the MLB offseason has officially begun. No, free agency hasn’t started but teams are already making moves at manager.

Don Mattingly was fired (officially, he resigned from the Dodgers) and was then hired (by the Marlins). The Padres hired Andy Green and former Padres manager, Bud Black, looked like he would be the next manager for the disappointing Washington Nationals. That didn’t happen. In a stunning move, the Nationals hired veteran manager Dusty Baker.


Dusty Baker!. Isn’t he like 90. When’s the last time he managed. I looked it up and he was actually the Reds manager in 2013. That wasn’t that long ago. I do remember the Reds blowing a playoff series to the Giants a few year back. Yes Dusty Baker left Mat Latos in too long and they lost game 5 at home. That’s what Dusty does. He gets the team just good enough so they can choke away a playoff series.

Aren’t the Nationals a little worried that the game has passed old Dusty by. I mean, Dusty is really old. His first year as a manager was in 1993. The new Padres manager, Andy Green, was still 11 years away from making his debut as a player in 1993. Dusty Baker played with Hank Aaron. He smoked weed with Jimi Hendrix. He first started managing with the Giants, where he managed the guy he’s replacing in Washington, Matt Williams.

Dusty Baker might best be remembered for leading the Giants to the World Series. One of the most memorable moments of that series was when his young son wandered out onto the field and J.T. Snow had to pick him up so he wouldn’t get trampled. That kid just retired after a long and successful law career. That’s how fucking old Dusty Baker is.


Dusty Baker is ancient so of course he believes in old school baseball. He doesn’t care about fancy stats like on base percentage. Who cares if guys get on base, right? Baker has said in the past that getting a walk just clogs the bases. You hear that Bryce Harper? Your new manager think those 124 walks you took last year just “clogged the bases”.

Dusty Baker doesn’t give a shit about pitch counts or innings limits either. Back in his day pitchers would pitch both games in a doubleheader and come back three days later. You don’t need to protect young pitchers. You saw what happened to Kerry Wood and Mark Prior with Dusty managing them. They went on to have very long careers. They weren’t done before they were thirty. Edinson Volquez threw almost two hundred innings in his first year as a starter. That didn’t hurt him at all. He did win the World Series this year, right?

Matt Williams did a terrible job in Washington this year. He deserved to get fired. The answer isn’t to hire someone forty years older. Bryce Harper is probably going to end up in another incident this year, but this time it will be him doing the choking.

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