What Every Man Needs To Know About Wine

Because men know about wine.

Remember in your teens and early twenties, you had a strange infatuation about beer? Maybe not you personally, but certainly someone you knew. It was a great excuse to drink whenever, “Oh I’ve gotta try this stout…”. Well, if you’re still in your early twenties, pay attention while the adults talk. Those of you above 25 this is for you. It’s time to shift from the beers and into the wines. Beer is great for tailgating or while you’re out on the links, but what about when you’re on a date, having a great piece of meat, or if you’re not trying to guzzle calories? Wine is the right choice.

You’ve watched the beer docs and probably even hit a brewery or two in your day. Well, what are you doing to learn about wine? Napa isn’t too close to many people so what else are you to do? First off, watch The Somm on Neflix, you won’t learn a whole lot but it’s crazy what these master Sommeliers go through.

Have no fear, we are here to help put on a clinic about delicious wine! We got some interesting facts and helpful tips from our favorite wineries. Here’s some of what we learned.


Most wines should be enjoyed within one or two years of its bottling. Unless you’re dropping some coin, the Kendall Jackson doesn’t age too well. Moreover, if you’re trying to age a good wine, a pinot noir won’t age as well as say a cabernet or a zinfandel.

However, if you’re buying magnum bottles of wine, you can throw that 1 to 2 year guideline out the window. The wine inside that big boy was made to be enjoyed over a longer period of time. It’s a magnum bottle after all.


Just a way to spend more money, it doesn’t do much to improve the wine. In fact, a decanter only really improves a wine like a vintage port or a really fine red wine that has matured in a bottle over years. So again, the Cupcake wine doesn’t need one. Unless your focus is pageantry, then by all means.

Type of Wines

Europe names the wine after the region it’s from. For example Burgundy, that’s where it would be from… and people who aren’t well traveled, that’s in France. If the wine is from the U.S., (like using the metric system, they have to be different) they name the wines after the grapes that make them. Example, Sauvignon Blanc, which is a green skinned grape.


Ideally, you should drink your red wines between 63 and 67 degrees. White wines should be served a little more chilled, around 43 and 45 degrees. Which means, avoid putting wines in the fridge too long considering the average refrigerator temp is around 35 to 40 degrees. Might we also suggest moving the kegerator to the garage and making room for a new wine cooler which you can find here from as low as under $200 bucks!

Smelling the Glass

When you pour a wine, you generally smell the glass. Add a swirl to bring out the aromas. Did you know when you smell the glass, you smell the fruit. When you tip the glass, you smell the alcohol. Give that a try next time.


When you are out wine tasting, you might be wondering what the little deal is on the bottle. That is to control the pour, they pour one ounce at a time. An easy way to tell, in just about any wine glass, you can hold your glass horizontal and it won’t spill. Meanwhile, a full glass, which is five ounces, will be filled to the widest point in the glass. If you’re looking for a wine that will make you salivate more, try something more acidic. If you like a dry wine, look for a more tannic wine.

When Opening a Bottle

A common way to tell if the bottle is bad is to smell the cork. If the cork smells like wet dog then the cork might be oxidized, but not always so give it a minute, swirl in the glass and the smell may change.

Fun Fact

Petite Sirah and Syrah are two completely different grapes. It’s pronounced the same however, which is where the confusion comes into play. Petite Sirah, is known as durif everywhere other than the United States. So if you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, go ahead and call petite sirah, Durif.


Now you know a little more about wine! Go forth and share your knew found knowledge. Give more wines a shot, there are so many out there. The more you have, the more you can appreciate a nice bottle. So enjoy a glass with a nice view, a nice woman, and a nice meal.
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