Who Will Make the MLB Playoffs? – National League


There’s only one month left of the 2015 MLB season.  The playoff picture is much clearer now but it is not yet perfectly clear.  Who will be the ten teams to reach baseball’s postseason? We start with the National League.

As of last night, the three division leaders all have leads of more than five games.  The Mets got hot at the same time the Nationals fell apart.  They lead the NL East by 6.5 games.

The Cardinals have been the best team in baseball all season long.  However, the second place Pirates have the next best record in the National League and are only 6 games back.

The Dodgers have the least safe divisional lead.  The Giants are now 5.5 games back but they are the defending champs and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them get hot over these next few weeks.


There will be two more teams to make the playoffs in the National League, the wild cards.  The two wild card teams seem pretty safe right now.  The Cubs lead the Giants by 6.5 games in the wild card race.  Barring a huge collapse, we should see the Cubs make their return to the postseason where they will try to win their first championship in over 100 years.

The preseason World Series favorite, the Washington Nationals, are 9 games out and really have no chance at this point.  The previously mentioned Pirates own first wild card slot.  They’re 4.5 games up on the Cubs which makes them 11 games up on the Giants. They almost have a postseason slot clinched.


The playoff picture in the National League is almost set.  The five teams in right now will most likely be the five teams we see in October.  The Giants are the only team that has a real shot of playing themselves into the playoffs.

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