Why Donald is Trumping the Other Candidates

The appeal of Donald Trump is beyond the understanding of the mainstream media, traditional liberal imagevoters, and people that are upset by less than well-mannered communications of any kind.  The voters that are encouraged by “the Donald” are very happy that he is willing to put himself on the line to talk about major problems facing this country.

Trump’s bombastic, scorched earth rhetoric is a concern to be sure.  But the flip side of the coin is actually more frightening to thoughtful voters.  Typical status quo politicians are afraid to tackle tough problems, as their main goal is to be re-elected.  Both parties’ politicians want to keep the money rolling in so they can defeat all challengers in the next race.  Any wonder why these problems don’t get tackled and that this country is in a constant state of gridlock?

What’s in it for Trump?  His ego is obviously as big as all outdoors.  imageTo say he is enjoying the notoriety is an understatement.  Trump seems to be enjoying his ability to expose the soft, money and power hungry underbelly of the RNC and DNC party managements.   His desire and ability to go after his detractors appears to be his favorite sport.  And he is now continuously engaged in his favorite sport.

What is in it for the American voter?  Those of us that are beyond worrying whether that California prison inmate will receive that taxpayer financed transgender operation are enjoying the fact that a candidate will actually talk about major problems.  I won’t bore you with my list of major problems facing this country.  If you don’t have your own list by now, you probably should just vote for Hillary…Donald Trump tonys take

Lastly, those of us that are perceptive enough to be concerned about all forms of political correctness and forced group think are taking great joy in Trump’s complete disregard for these relatively newly imposed rules.  The enforcement wing of the politically correct movement, the mainstream press, is completely clueless about Trump’s rhetoric and his ability to talk about these taboo issues.  The more they pile on with derogatory labels calling him “racist” and “insensitive,” the more popular Trump gets in the polls.

Whether Trump becomes the Republican nominee or falters along the way, this nation is better off for his decision to bring these issues to light in his typical, less than “sensitive” manner.

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