Why you need to stop posting your political views on social media

Everyone seems to have an opinion about this presidential election. He’s evil and she’s the devil most people will say. But why does everyone have to be a political commentator this time around? Shouldn’t it be something you keep to yourself and only shared if asked, and if you care to then you can indulge in your newfound expertise.


It’s like the winter Olympic games, all those “sports” come around like curling. Nobody knows anything about it until it’s game time. Then, they are qualified experts who’ve been announcing the games for decades. You have no political opinion when it comes to who’s running for city council in their neighborhood. I get that this is the highest office in all the land, but is it worth getting into a fight with that guy you knew from high school all those years ago?


Besides, at the end of the day you’re just going to unfriend or disable updates from that person. You’re not going to sway anyone’s mind, so no good comes from it. And, all your friends just sit back and read either the gospel or the stupidity you’re preaching. So ask yourself, why bother fighting over something you probably don’t know much about? Oh forgive me, I’m sure you’re a pro now, you’ve watched the three presidential debates and maybe even planted a candidates sign in your yard. And I just got you, there have only been two debates….


So next time you have to take to your Facebook page, type out your rant or praise about whichever candidate it is and then hit cancel. And just pretend it’s out there. It’s like your Yelp review, nobody cares.

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