Will the iPhone Event win us back?

It’s the night before the big day. The day that investors are pacing over. Is the latest iPhone going to blow us away or are we going to go away? When the first iPhone came out, it was roughly 5 years more advanced than any other phone on the planet. Now, the current iPhone is roughly three years behind the best phone on the planet. So, can Apple win our hearts back?

It’s almost impossible to keep secrets in the tech world these days considering the fact that everyone has a camera on their phone. So, if all the leaks are accurate it seems like apple will be ditching the headphone jack. Here’s my beef with that. Unless they are including some sort of “her” level wireless earbuds. I have a problem. Why the hell should you have to decide whether you should be charging your phone or listening to your headphones.  Or have some silly splitter in your pocket… I mean should I carry a briefcase? (reports indicate that the lightening port be the new norm.)

Everything is speculation at this point. But, we will know for sure what’s what tomorrow by noon. We took a poll and the most desired upgrade was improved water resistance or just flat out water proofing. The same reports we’ve been following have been stating that the next one. The big 10 year anniversary will be the big deal. Yeah, it’s been 10 years since they introduced this marvelous little wonder to the world. If consumers have to wait another year for a water proof phone that won’t be good. Especially if we lose our headphone jack and gain nothing in return. It might not seem that big a deal to you now. But it’s like losing your sense of smell, you don’t know how crucial it is until it’s gone.

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