Where Will Kevin Durant Land in Free Agency?

Kevin Durant is a terrific basketball player. That just there is what is called an understatement. Although he is not yet an NBA champion, at just 27 years old Durant could be considered one of the greatest to ever play the game. He’s 3rd all-time with a 27.4 PPG career scoring average. But that fact that he is still not a champion weighs on him. It has to. That fact is the reason there is a possibility he leaves Oklahoma City. But where would he go? He has options:

Golden State Warriors

We’ve seen the Warriors mentioned a ton as a possible landing spot for Durant. The rest of the NBA doesn’t want to see this and I don’t see it happening. It just wouldn’t be fair. The Warriors would have to let some players leave to make it happen but it’s still possible for them to keep their core (Curry, Thompson, and Green) and still add Durant.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers represent another great option for Durant’s championship dreams. They would likely have to trade Blake Griffin to make this happen but they played very well without him last year anyways. Now you replace Luc Richard Mbah a Moute with Kevin Durant. That team would be the easy favorite to win it all. Durant already lives in L.A. and is an accomplished actor so it’s really not too absurd.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Durant’s current tam has done pretty well while he’s been there. They weren’t too far away from a championship this year. And now they’ve made a big move to acquire a strong defensive wing in Victor Oladipo. If Durant returns to OKC, they might be the favorite to win the title anyways.

San Antonio Spurs

If the Spurs could pull this off, after getting one of the top free agents last year, they would truly be in a different league. But to pull it off they would certainly have to move some of their younger pieces and Duncan would have to retire or play for the minimum. The Spurs will at least try but I don’t expect them to succeed.

Miami Heat

Yes Pat Riley’s a genius. But can he pull off one last heist. Not if it costs him Dwyane Wade. He can’t be that cold. If Whiteside leaves as expected and Wade is forced out, why would Durant even consider this?

Boston Celtics

The Celtics have put together a solid and deep team but they still lack that elite player. Durant would obviously be that for them. But would Boston’s deep supporting cast really top the stars he would join in Oakland or L.A. or the one he already plays with in OKC?

New York Knicks

Carmelo really wants Durant to play with him. Not going to happen though.

Los Angeles Lakers

“Why not?” -Lakers fans

Where He’ll Play Next – Team USA


Regardless of which NBA team he’ll be playing for next season, the next team he’ll be suiting up for is Team USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics. A little Zika virus can’t stop him. He’s clearly the best player in these Olympics and his decision to play for his country raises my already very high opinion of him. There’s no doubt in my mind Durant will be “da real MVP” for Team USA.

Where He’ll Play Next NBA Season – Oklahoma City Thunder


The most likely scenario is that he’ll re-sign for one more year with the Thunder and we’ll do this whole thing again next year. He stands to make the most money with this method and he won’t be sacrificing his championship aspirations. I think he’ll give it one more shot with Russel Westbrook.

The Warriors and Clippers are probably the next most realistic scenarios but they’re still long shots to me. And there is no chance we see him with the Lakers or Knicks next year. Forget it guys. No chance.



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