Will Kobe Win MVP in his Final All-Star Game?

The All-Star games is on in a few hours and future hall of famer and five time NBA champion Kobe Bryant will start for the West. As this is his final season, it will be his final All-Star game. He’s also the heavy favorite to take home the game MVP award, a trophy he has won four times already. Do you think he will win his fifth?

There’s also some debate whether Kobe even belongs in the game. He was voted in by the fans and that’s just how it works. The fans make a lot of poor decisions when given this responsibility. Just look at baseball’s All-Star game too. But everyone wanted Kobe to be in this game. He’s one of the most famous basketball players of all time. But why didn’t future hall of famers Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Dirk Nowitzki receive All-Star consideration? That’s not really the point though.

Kobe shouldn’t be here based on production. He took a spot from a more deserving player like Damian Lillard. So why is he the favorite to win the MVP? Still, I’m sure he’ll have plenty of opportunities in this game but what will he be able to do with them? There are better bets to win the MVP. Here are some of them.


Stephen Curry +315 and Klay Thompson +2080

The All-Star game is perfect for the splash brothers. If they want, they can get open threes all day and if one of them gets hot from three I can see their teammates feeding them a bunch.

Chris Paul +5192

Paul is not going to be looking to score too much but he could get 20 assists passing to all the shooters the west have.

LeBron James +522

The west is favored but if the East win, LeBron is the likely MVP.

Betting the Game

We all know the game itself is somewhat of a joke. No one plays defense until the last fifteen minutes of the game. The stars just want to put on a show. With all the great shooters we have now, the score can easily get out of hand. The big men aren’t as important in today’s game. Kevin Durant, a small forward, is the tallest guy on the court to start. Expect a bunch of threes.

The Pick: Over 321

When the game does get serious, the west has the better players. Add in the Kobe’s last game factor and the west is an obvious favorite. We expect the west to be able to score at will easily defeat the inferior eastern conference team.

The Pick: West -6.5




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