Will the Nintendo Switch Be Any Good

The Nintendo Switch, announced back in October, had its full unveiling in January. Some were excited, but most came away underwhelmed. Where were the games? Why is it so expensive? What’s with online play? But now it’s actually coming out tomorrow. How do we feel about it now?

The games library is still lacking. Aside from the new Zelda the next best game might be a Bomberman title. Terrible. And there’s not that much to look forward to in the coming year. Yes, there’s a new Mario game but do we even know if that will be any good? Nintendo has a real issue when it comes to games.

So how about the actual device? It’s still $300, $50 more than a PS4 or Xbox one, but much less powerful than either of those. That’s the worst part though. The hardware is actually quite creative; a handheld/console hybrid. It’s like an Ipad Mini that you can place in a dock connected to a TV. It still packs a lot of power relative to its size though, hence the high price tag.

Its main selling point is its portability, but if you’re not taking a train to work every day or you’re not 11 years old do you really even care if it’s portable? That’s almost the entire reason it’s so expensive. Besides the price, the device actually looks well made. It looks nice and the detachable controllers are a great engineering design.

While the hardware may actually be solid, the Switch has other issues. If you want a more standard controller to play your games on your TV, they have one but it will cost you an extra $70. How about another dock to connect to another TV? That’ll set you back $90. Another pair of the detachable controllers, called Joy-Cons by Nintendo, that’s another $90. For a system that’s too pricey already, this is big problem. If you want the full Switch experience; I’m talking console, games, extra controllers, a dock for all the TVs in your house, a bigger memory card, you’re going to have be willing to part with $600.

I’m not the only person with these concerns about the switch. Most reviewers are saying the device shows promise but has a ton of issues. The hybrid console/handheld is a great idea for a company that is currently trying to develop games for both. But we haven’t got our hands on the Switch yet so maybe listen to these guys who have.

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