Will the Rio Olympics be moved over Zika Virus?

It’s not too late to move the Olympic venue’s…. right?

Recently, a paper was published and signed by 150 doctors and scientists urging that the 2016 Olympic games set to be held in Rio De Janeiro this summer be either postponed or moved to a safer location. With the games only a couple months away this is raising issues globally. The paper states, “That while Zika’s risk to any single individual is low, the risk to a population is undeniably high. Currently, Brazil’s government reports 120,000 probable Zika cases, and 1,300 confirmed cases of microcephaly (with another 3,300 under investigation), which is above the historical level of microcephaly.”  Certainly not something anyone should be taking lightly.

This is going to have to pick up traction quickly if it’s going to have an impact. Several U.S. athletes are already on the fence about heading south to compete, including soccer stars Hope Solo and Alex Morgan. As the clock winds down, people are going to have to start deciding whether or not to take the risk. How much Off repellent can an athlete pack? Zika has already spread to an estimated 60 countries in the year it’s been since the first outbreak.

The odds are that things will move on as planned seeing as around 10 billion bucks was put into buildings, subways, and cleanup. So, will it be the next M. Night Shyamalan movie or will things work out? Opening ceremonies are set for August 5th.rio-pika olympics

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