You Won’t Believe What LeBron Wore To The Cavs Parade

When the Cavaliers arrived in Cleveland to celebrate their championship, Lebron was wearing a shirt that had a lot of people talking. LeBron was wearing a shirt that said “Ultimate Warrior” on it. Obviously mocking the fact that they just defeated the Warriors in the finals. Call it what you will and say what you must about Lebron, but I think it’s amazing.


LeBron and the Cavaliers deserved this series after coming back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the ┬ábest “regular season team” in NBA history. Warriors woke LeBron up in game 4 after Draymond Green “crossed the line” with something he said. Like they said when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor they “woke a sleeping giant” well in this case I think Golden State woke a sleeping warrior.

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