You, Summer, & Your Fashion

How to stay ahead of the curve with your fashion sense

For many, summer is the time of year to shine. Literally. Time in the gym will be prove to be well spent with au natural weekends in the sun. But summer is more than just beaches, pools, & boats. It comes with a mood, or  an attitude. & for those days where you must express part of yourself with an outfit, here are a couple tips to keep you ahead of the curve.

Be confident in yourself and your style. Probably our most important tip – confidence is key and drives you to try new things.

Not all traditions are concrete. Go against the grain & try new things. You don’t always have to dress like your friends, coworkers, or everyone else.

Now-a-days less is more. Graphic tees are falling off of us while plain shirts that display a nice fit are sliding on. If you’re a size medium, buy a medium. Don’t try to squeeze into something you’re not, or buy something you can swim in.

Some trends are lame. I’ll never understand no socks in dress shoes. Smelly bare feet in leather dress shoes? Sounds real sexy. While dressing up, your socks can actually be a great way to express yourself beyond the outfit as a whole. Squeeze some fun & creativity in your suit.

Jewelry never seemed to be more in for men as well. Necklaces bracelets and rings always compliment and show your edge. Watches have & forever will be accepted, with the exception of a few Casio’s.

We are being taken over by long over sized T shirts. The Macklemore hair cut really took off and now we want edgy outfits. Yeezy’s thousand dollar ripped clothes seem to be all the rage. The “hipster” army is ever growing & the look of a text book “hipster” is becoming the norm.

If fashion is your game, something you’d like improve on, or you’d like to get into, know that it is unforgivably opinionated. There truly is no right or wrong here, just the overall consensus. If there was right & wrong, we would have no trends… or fashion wanderers to slyly snicker at. Be yourself. If everyone looked perfect, no one would.


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