What you should do if you’re confronted by police

In a perfect world, a police officer wouldn’t bother you (unless you’re up to something). But face the facts. We don’t live in a perfect world. Daesh (ISIS) is proof of that. If I had my way, we’d catapult every last one of them off this planet, let space deal with those Vikings. But that also means you can’t start yelling in a cops face, filming them, and expect nothing to happen.


No, yelling at a cop shouldn’t affect them or their job. But it does, big time. Look at celebrities and the paparazzi. Yeah, no celebrities ever hit a paparazzi before… Now add authority to that celebrity, and a gun. Yeah, it’s going to happen. Instead of trying to go viral and risking broken bones for a payout and hopefully an appearance on Ellen. Put the phone down, and listen to the officer. Quietly take down his badge number, vs shouting it and provoking the rhino. Then report him after the incident is over with.


Personally, I’ve never run into a dickish officer. But, I’m not running in the street, doing dumb shit. Again, not endorsing behavior on either end. But, bear in mind, you draw tremendous attention to yourself when you go against the grain. I.E. running in the street, shouting in the direction of a cop car with a camera in your hand.


You guys are like the South Park episode with the late Steve Irwin, if you jam your thumb up their butt, you’re surely going to piss them off. Take the guy in the video above, this cop was looking into a possible theft. Then the man begins shouting and ordering the officer to do things. Not a good idea, this guy’s an idiot. The cops an idiot, but if you try to get into a dick measuring contest with them… you’re going to lose, big time! So stop, and spread your shit. 


So how can you stop the brutality from surfacing on the news every two weeks. Listen to the cops, be respectful, and get on with your life. Instead of cattle prodding them and saying you know your rights. Odds are you don’t, odds are the officer doesn’t know them all either.

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