If You’re Not Texting With the Google Keyboard, You’re Doing It Wrong

There’s keyboards, then there’s Google’s Gboard…

There’s an app for everything these days. You can have ice cream delivered in minutes and can book a private jet while you wait. You can even rent someone’s car to get you to the airport. Well, there are some pretty damn good keyboards out there too that you should be using instead.

Take the latest keyboard from Google, GBoard. Bringing that swipe feature all the droid users love so much to Apple along with a couple other tweaks. Like Google search. Might not seem so great at first, but think about when you’re in an argument over something with a friend. You can send a link to the answer without leaving the chat.

It has a slightly different keyboard from the plain iPhone one and it’s enough to even seem like you got a new phone. Stop using the keyboard your grandfather used, get with the times. Download Google Gboard here!

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