Zachary Fraud, the Snapchat Legend Who’s Pouring Champagne All Over Los Angeles

We all know the wild snapchat legend, Zachary Fraud… at least we thought we did. We got in touch with the Snapchat king to learn more about him. Zachary FruadZach is up there in the Snapchat universe along with Tony Toutouni and The Ugly Russian Jew, he might not be as active as the Slut Whisperer but when he is it’s full force. His almost catch phrase if you will has been, “Champagne for the titties!” However after talking with him, he told us his thoughts on champagne and how that all started.

“I hate champagne, they have it at all the parties because bitches like it.  There was one girl who was annoying me so I took the bottle and sprayed it all over her. People loved it, then it became a thing.” Zach tells us.

Hard to believe Zach’s not a champagne fan himself. Instead his drink is Hennessy, and typically only a couple at a time. He wasn’t always the wild party throwing guy he is now though. In fact, Zach was the quiet guy in high school. It wasn’t until after graduating he decided to change his lifestyle and made it his mission to live every day to the fullest.

One thing that was abundantly clear, Zach is much more than just a wild card on Snapchat. He’s very inspirational. When we asked him what he was looking forward to he said something we didn’t see coming.

“Everyday, becoming a better person. Not how people see me, I don’t give a shit about that. Tomorrow, I want to be the better me, compared to today. Everyday moving forward improving myself. Financial progress, spiritual, etc. Everyday, getting better – that’s what keeps me moving, most people when they hit a bad moment they get depressed and down. It’s about being positive and keeping going. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to do whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want.”

Zachary FraudHe’s used this mindset to learn 4 languages; English, French, Arabic, and Spanish. Which is pretty impressive seeing as Zachary is only 23. His life hasn’t been all ups however, he’s surely seen his share of downs. He told us about an encounter with the law a few years back. He was taken in for a DUI and when he was given his one phone call he didn’t know who to call. He ended up calling a friend who he was close with. She never came. The following day he had one last chance before being moved and he did something he didn’t want to do, he called his father. The two of them didn’t exactly see eye to eye in the past and weren’t speaking much at that point. After that phone call Zachary was out in a matter of minutes.

It was then that he came to the realization that friends can be fake, but family will always be there. He uses this philosophy to party it up and not give a shit what happens because at the end of the day you can only control yourself. Friends will come and go, so live it up while you can.

We had to ask him where his favorite place to party was and we were a little surprised by his answer. A man who has traveled the world, gone to the wildest places, and see some of the craziest things loves to party in LA. “LA I swear, you can have nothing else like that in the world. I’ve been around the world and Los Angeles you can’t beat it.” Zachary tells us. He went on to tell us, “it’s because you never run out of new people.”

One thing we thought was really interesting and actually tells you how small this world actually is was when we wanted to meet Lunatic Living. He discovered Tony Toutouni about the same time he came across Dan Bilzerian. At the time he was living in Canada and was bullshitting with a friend. He was thinking it would be fun to go to LA and try and meet up with them. His friend then proceeded to make a FaceTime call and next thing he was talking with Tony Toutoni. Tony is Zach’s friends cousin. The next time Zach went to LA they met up, partied and became good friends.Zachary Fraud

When we asked Zachary what he wanted his fans to take away from this article he simply said, “Everybody is full of shit, this is where I took my name, Zachary Fraud, I look at my Instagram and all I see is a happy guy with girls and fun and it’s not true. I have shitty moments, we all do. But social media wants to show the perfect life, everybody is cool.” The grass isn’t always greener and looking at someone else’s life generally will only bring on jealousy.

So there you go, that’s the man behind “champagne for them titties!” He’s a lot more than just a wild partier. Sure he has plenty of wild moments and he enjoys sharing them with the world on his Snapchat, but he also shares good advice. So do yourself a favor as follow ZacharyFraud on Snapchat.

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